Working With Us!

Who we are & what we look for.

Geek at Heart is a subscription box service using home, beauty, fandom and nostalgia to appeal to the inner nerd. At this time we are sending out our specially curated boxes on a bi-monthly basis. Behind the boxes, is an all female team of ladies who have lived the geek at heart lifestyle since they were young.

As we fill our boxes, it is our goal to scour the internet for unique and creative individuals who have a passion for crafting, creating and producing quality products that we ourselves would be interested in. These are items of a high quality which we would proudly display in our home or carry in our purse without feeling as though we may be perhaps too old or too mature to wave that geek flag. We are searching for like-minded individuals who create both aesthetically appealing and tongue-in-cheek nods to theirs and our favorite fandoms. Eye shadow inspired by the Golden Wood? Yas Queen! Earrings that look like BB-8? Absolutely you cute little droid!


Working with you.

If you fall into the category of creative, nerdy and beautiful which we've just described, we would love to partner with you! As a subscription box company, it is our intent to promote your business very clearly. We will not change, alter or remove any packaging. How you send it to us, is exactly how it will appear in the box. As a partner of Geek at Heart, you will find we treat your product with the respect and appreciation it deserves. Every box will include a list of the products inside, with logos, web addresses, whatever you see fit, in at least one prominent place for the consumer to read. You and your work will never be passed off as our own and we hope that being included in our box and partnering in this endeavor, you receive more traffic to your own shop.

Soon we will use this website as a place to curate a page about the partners we are working with, what they provide for us, what our customers think of them, and some information about their business. On a more ambitious level, we will be featuring our partners on our blog to further give our customers more insight into your product, process and passion.


Partnering with Geek at Heart.

As a partner of Geek at Heart, it is our intent to invite you to be an extended member of our team, and come back to you whenever possible. This means, we would love to include you in our boxes whenever it makes sense for both of us. Future themes will hopefully provide a place for you to continue showcasing your work in our collections. Because of this, we would like to invite you to work with us exclusively. Ideally we would pursue this deal where-in we are the only box you sell to, and you are one of the first sources we contact when curating new boxes. To help with that, if you want to pursue exclusivity, we would work with you to let you know what we are looking for long in advance, and hear what you may be looking to make.

We would also love to give our partners opportunities to further promote their items, either on our website or between boxes via give-aways and contests. Ultimately, our goal is to foster a healthy and fun relationship between ourselves and you, where we can feel good about cross promotion and support.

For us to work together, and for everyone to profit, we have to find a happy ground with price. We understand that we cannot purchase from you at cost, but also need to stress that you can't sell to us at retail. We are very open to negotiate promotion and prices in the realm of wholesale, which will nurture both of our businesses.