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The Road to Launch ; Episode 1

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, filled with slot machines and dancing girls, three brave warriors came together in search of adventure. There was Nicole, the Avenger of Averages. She stole from the rich, gave to the poor, and knew the ins and outs of manipulating the marketplace in every one of your fave MMOs. Then there was Michele, a sparkly level 26 enchantress of art. She existed as a state of pure magic, living in a celestial castle on a cloud. If Prince and David Bowie had a heavenly love child, it would look oh so basic compared to her. Finally, there was me, Rachel. One part lovable rogue who stole your honey like she stole your bike, and one part story telling bard. A weaver of words, a maker of mischief, I am here to be your narrator, your best friend, and potentially your own personal Loki, trickster God on high. 

So, what you want is a little backstory. Coworkers in real life, friends by choice, the three of us first found mutual ground by talking about our guilty obsessions. From the movies we binge - extended editions only thank you - to the little treats we buy ourselves every month because we're grown women and we're worth it. The Hobbit DVDs, tabletop roleplaying figures, more funko pops than a person should collect, and Etsy bills a mile long. It was through these conversations about our collections that we realized there was something mutual, something we all had in common, and something we sought in the distance. We felt there was a hole in the market, something missing for the grown geeks with disposable income. We didn't want cheap, we didn't want childish. We wanted something nice, unique, nerdy. We wanted to please the Geek at Heart. 

 Sure, there have been bumps and missteps and little slip ups along the way. But there are in any venture we make in life. What this is about, is the journey. It is a journey together to provide that thing we were seeking to other like-minded, totally geeky, totally fabulous and totally unique people. And we believe we have found them. By becoming a Geek at Heart subscriber, you're joining the family. You're one of us, whether you like it or not, so you might as well pick your class now. We need some DPS. 

So far we have successfully shipped two months of boxes. May was our promotional box sent only to online reps and other advertisement opportunities. We found a lot of really great products for our Origin Stories. Naturally, Wolverine was there. Plus Loki Stickers & lip balm, one hell of a great smelling Melin bubble bar, and probably one of the coolest box items I have ever seen; the Harry Potter coasters by AllonsyPotter on Etsy. Plus the really great Harry Potter coin purses by Quiet Snooze and our King Arthur t-shirt. Needless to say, after completing our first mini dungeon, we were pretty impressed with ourselves. 

And then came June. You know that feeling right? When you're still not quite sure if you're ready to leave the Shire but the journey is pulling you forward. Like your first real dungeon in an MMO. You're standing there at the gates with all your potions and your brand new weapon (quest reward, you haven't even gotten into crafting yet), and you're still not even sure if you LIKE tanking! That's how June felt. We were nervous, anxious, excited, trying out our new skills on trash mobs and trying to remember which button is our heal. And believe it or not, we made it out alive. 

June was our Leading Ladies box. We decided a great way to really launch our Geek at Heart brand was to showcase all the great things women are doing, have been doing, and will be doing in our wonderful world of fandom. Buffy Summers made an appearance via our Sunnydale Slayers Club t-shirt and bookmarks by JanesTinyThings on Etsy. The bold and brave ladies of Game of Thrones also made an appearance via a beautiful eyeshadow by MoonGlimmerCosmetics on Etsy and some really funky and cool pins of Dany, Sansa, Arya and Brienne from QuietSnooze. TheScentLab on Etsy made a second appearance, this time with a gold Wonder Woman bath bomb, complimented nicely by some, ahem, knee high socks?? And finally we gave our early subscribers a little treat with a Dragon scale necklace to wear while watching the season premiere of Game of Thrones next month. 

After taking down our first real big kid dungeon, the world is our oyster. And it's a great thing that this world of subscription boxes is quite the sandbox. We can literally go anywhere, do anything, explore any subject, fandom or idea we have. So naturally, next month we have set our sights for the final frontier. Space. 

This great journey is officially, to be continued.... 


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